My Grove Collaborative Experience

I love a clean, great smelling home. Doesn’t everyone? Unfortunately, for a large chunk of 2018, I had absolutely no “want-to”. I didn’t want to clean anything because it felt so boring and futile. I was just going to waste my time for it to just get back the same way in no time at all.

Late one night I was researching freezer meals and meal planning on YouTube and stumbled on a cleaning video. At first, I snorted back laughter and then – I was ENGROSSED!! This woman’s house was so gorgeous, and clean, and sparkling. I wanted that for myself and my family.

I quickly fell in love with the cleaning videos. It was so calming to see their homes in chaos and in time-lapse swiftness, order and structure were restored. For every new holiday, fresh new appropriate candles and Mrs. Meyers cleaners were brought out and put into rotation to be replaced at the next season change. Intermixed with the cleaning vlogs, I found Grove Collaborative hauls. As skeptical as I was of ordering cleaning products online, I had to try it for myself.

I placed my first order in October and I bought a lot. I wanted to try a good range of products so I could better judge whether this was going to beneficial to me or not. Since my youngest and myself suffer from asthma, and she and her father both have skin issues, I was eager to see if these cleaners would be too irritating to us.

I’m surprised and delighted to report not a single problem! And almost better, my spark for cleaning and pride in my home have peeked back out from wherever my anxiety had locked them away!

My first order included some Method, some Mrs. Meyers, and some of the Grove Collaborative products. It was a good mix for our home. I bought 9 different items and earned 5 items for free, including their famous white enamel caddy. I had toilet and bathroom cleaner, all-purpose spray, dish soap, hand soap, a bar of soap, a baking soda based cream cleaner, a vinegar gel cleaner, a glass cleaner, dish brush and sponges for dishes. Oh and somehow I bought a spray hand sanitizer too lol.

Out of all of it, I love nearly everything! The Mrs. Meyers items are so good that even if at some point I decide to stop buying from Grove, I will most likely continue to keep those in stock. I have used an entire bottle of Mrs. Meyers lavender scented dish soap and almost the whole bottle of hand soap that matched. The Method cleaners I got were the toilet and bathroom cleaners in the spearmint scent, which was a little strong for me but did a great job cleaning and the daily wood cleaner in almond that worked and smelled wonderful. In this order the only Grove branded things I got were the bar soap in lavender and hand sanitizer. I wasn’t wowed by either. They both did alright, just nothing to get excited about.

Since I loved my first order so much, I placed another in November and this time I ordered all Grove products. I was intrigued by the glass spray and pump bottles they offer and bought 3 different ones this order. The first was in a cleaning concentrate kit with 2 microfiber cloths and 2 all-purpose cleaning concentrate tubes. This glass spray bottle includes a gray silicone sleeve and was not nearly as fragile as I was expecting. I really enjoy using it and the cleaner inside. The cleaner is a light orange and rosemary scent. The other bottles I got this time were actually Christmas specials. One is a dish soap bottle with a red silicone sleeve and the other is a hand soap bottle. Both have the most adorable pomegranate motif and came in a set with their respective refills in the pomegranate and currant scent. I’m happy with the bottles but I think I prefer the Mrs. Meyers soaps. They seem to be more scented and the dish soap seems to perform better than the Grove brand.

With this order I got more freebies. I received the Pomegranate Stoneware Tray that the dish and hand soap bottles sit on sink-side as well as a Mrs. Meyer’s room freshener and a Grove lip balm (that I gave to my daughter since mint gives me headaches). I also got the Grove Collaborative Winter 2018 issue, which I browsed and tossed.

All in all, I’m super happy with all the new things I have found through Grove Collaborative. I have compared prices on the website with my local grocery store that carries some of the same products and they seem to be about the same. Considering that ordering from Grove, I have a much broader inventory to choose from, and the store was very limited, I think I’ll stick to ordering.

I’m already building my December order and I’m contemplating ordering a little earlier this time so I can have my new items before Christmas! If you would like to try Grove Collaborative I have a referral code you can use that will get you a 5 piece gift set with your first order and will earn me $10 too!

MistyDawn Grove Collaborative

They have an extensive inventory of cleaning products, supplies, pet items, baby and kid things and skin care and personal pieces as well. I think it’s a good bet almost everyone can find something from Grove Collaborative that they will love! Also, when you try Grove for the first time, they give you the VIP treatment! You get free shipping and exclusive freebies for the first 60 days at no additional charge. Read more at

As always, if you liked this post or if you have an idea for a blog post you’d like to read, please drop me a note in the comments! I’d love to hear from you!!

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