Beauty on a Budget? Bh Cosmetics Haul!

For this post I wanted to share something a little different. I love makeup. I have spent too much money on palettes that I seldom use and fell in love with some that I spent very little on. Those are the ones I want to focus on today. When it comes to shopping for items that are not necessary, I like to get the best deal possible.

Last year, while cruising YouTube, I heard buzz about a company producing excellent quality makeup for a great price. I had to check them out! I just cannot hand over $60-65 every time a new eyeshadow palette launches, even if I want them all lol. Now after finding and trying BH Cosmetics, I don’t even mind!

BH Cosmetics

I signed up for emails from BH a year ago and I get emails about deals pretty frequently. probably 2-3 a month. I have now ordered from them three times and will continue to do so! I bought my three teenage daughters each a palette back in August when they were having a big sale and they will get them for Christmas. I also ordered myself a highlight palette and an eyeshadow palette before that. The highlight wound up being a little too crazy for me but my oldest loves it. The quality is great, the colors were just a little too loud for me.

The Tuesday before Thanksgiving I got a new email about a sale they were having and ordered some things for myself. I don’t remember now the details of the sale but I do have the original prices and what I paid.

  • Eyelights in BFF               Paid $5.60      Orig. $8.00
  • Brush #16                          Paid   3.50      Orig. 7.00
  • Brush #19                          Paid   3.50      Orig. 7.00
  • Brush #5                            Paid   2.80       Orig. 4.00
  • Pro Contour Palette        Paid 10.50       Orig. 15.00
  • Nude Blush Palette         Paid 6.60         Orig. 11.00
  • Nouveau Neutrals           Paid 9.60         Orig. 16.00

I used a discount code RMN5OFF and scored $2.10 off and got free shipping as well for a total paid price of $40.00!!  Original prices before tax and shipping were $68.00!

The brushes are super soft and blend everything really well. The makeup is all outstanding as usual. I did have some issues with shipping this time however. When I placed my order on November 20, 2018, I received an estimated delivery date of November 30, 2018. Not quite on par with all my Black Friday orders from 10 or so different retailers ordered AFTER this and came in within days, but I was ok with that since shipping was free. Then the 30th came and went. I had to email the company on December 2 and was told that FedEx was doing the shipping and doesn’t estimate a shipping date. I combed through with my order info and finally found that it had been passed to USPS and was due to be delivered December 5.  Well December 5th, the Post Office weren’t delivering due to George Bush passing. I finally received my order on December 6th. In my opinion, 16 days is a long time to wait for a package, free shipping or not. The package was in great shape though, and this is the first time I’ve had this much trouble getting a delivery from them.

Here’s what I think in summary. BH Cosmetics is a wonderful company producing great quality makeup for very reasonable prices. I am excited to put my makeup on and I reach for their products even over some high-end things I own. I’ll definitely order from them again, but I think next time will not be in the middle of holidays!

Last I’ll include a couple of photos of myself with the makeup on. Don’t laugh at me lol. The weather is cold and rainy and I’ve been sick to boot! (And I’m by no means a professional photographer with fancy lights or cameras.) The pictures were all made with my old Iphone 6 lol.

I was curious if anyone would like this sort of post. If you do and you’d like to see more, please consider leaving me a like or comment and I’d absolutely love it if you’d follow my blog through email. Then you’ll never have to hunt for my posts as they’ll be right there in your inbox!

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