Grocery Budget and Shopping for Family of 6

Grocery shopping for six people is not easy, especially when you need to be on a budget. I like to cook good meals for us that isn’t the same thing eight times in a month too. I thought this week I’d take a momentary break from recipes to show you how I meal plan and grocery shop with coupons for one week.

All of or grocery stores are within two miles of our house, so I do go to several. Every Wednesday a free paper called Crossroads Weekly, comes out with all the sales ads. We used to get them in the yard every week but they stopped throwing them out for us so we just ride down the street and pick one up.

Then, Jason and I look the sales over and decide what kinds of things we’d like to eat this coming week, depending heavily on what is on sale and what we have on hand that needs to be used. Also, we have to take into account any special occasions coming up, if we’re going out one evening, if the girls have extracurricular things going or whatever. I also check my coupons against the sales to see if there is anything I can stock up on. It sounds complicated but it really isn’t once you get the hang of it all.

Ok. Let’s get into this week’s plans. Aldi has spiral sliced hams for .95 per pound and I’m making ham and cheese sliders for Christmas. I’ll buy one ham and use half for a meal this week, and freeze the rest for the Christmas sandwiches. Also on sale this week is Jimmy Dean sausage rolls. At Kroger they are on the Mega Buy 4 Save $4 sale, making them $2.49 when you buy 4. Additionally, I have a .75 off one coupon, and a $1 off 2 coupon I can use to save even more. At Roger’s Supermarket, Best Choice canned biscuits are $1 per can too.

We knew we needed a large dinner for Friday night because two of our girls each had a friend staying the night. I still had a big bag of my Homemade Meatballs, (ICYMI  Super Easy Meatballs) in the freezer so we chose to make Meatball Subs and Ore Ida French Fries for dinner that night. The fries were on sale at Kroger a couple of weeks ago for .99 each on a Weekend Sale. That post was Kroger Haul Nov. 2018.  

If you tally up what I spent to make the meatballs plus the fries, rolls, cheese and sauce, this meal that fed eight people plus 3 subs leftover for lunch came in under $15. I found the shredded cheese at Aldi a couple of weeks ago on sale for $.49.

Other meals we wanted to make this week were: Meatloaf, Mashed Potatoes, and White Beans (in the freezer already), Cajun Cheesy Pasta, Doughburgers and Sides, and I also had the idea to head up to Nashville to look at the Christmas lights so I wanted to make an easy chicken salad to pack and eat on the way to keep from having to eat out.

On to the actual shopping. First we had to go to Wal-Mart to pick up the French Steak rolls I like to use for subs and hoagies. They’re only $4 and have 24 to each bag. We also needed some OTC medicine and dog food. Our total spent there was $24.49.


Our next stop was Aldi. I like to shop Aldi because they have great prices on so many things. I usually go there first and see what they have before I go to the other stores so that I hopefully won’t spend more elsewhere. They don’t have everything though! So I picked up my ham. It was marked $15.62 and at the register $6.84 came off for the promotion they’re doing. While there, I found a few other things I had on my list. The total here was $23.33.


Usually the bulk of our groceries come from Kroger and that held true for this week too. There I bought the rest of the produce on my list, a pack of chicken breasts, the sausage on sale, bread, sodas and most of the rest of what we needed. My total at Kroger was the most at $50.68. I used $19.61 in coupons that all either came in the Sunday paper or that Kroger sent to me directly. They have always been very generous with the coupons they mail out. My receipt shows I saved 43% ($36.03) on this shopping trip.


Our last stop on the way home was Roger’s Supermarket, a little hometown grocery store. There I bought the biscuits that were on sale and this is also where we usually buy our tissue paper. I like the Fiora brand that’s lavender-scented and I had a coupon this week to save $.55 on a 6 pack of tissue. I also like to buy ground beef at this store. We needed enough for two meals this week. I found a discounted tray of bananas on my way through the store too and grabbed those for banana bread this week. I got 11 bananas for $2.21! Our total at Roger’s was only $30.36.


All together this week we spent $122.93 in groceries. Between shopping the sales and watching my coupons, that only comes to about $20 per person. We already had several things on hand, like meatballs that I was able to incorporate into our meal planning to save a little more money. But, I also stocked up on sausage. I put 3 rolls in the freezer. I use those not only for breakfast, but also in pasta dishes. We already had cereal, milk and eggs for other meals too. I think we did pretty good.


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