Fast Easy Southwest Chicken Wraps

Hi friends! We’re back in the swing of things here in our household, or trying to be anyway. The girls go back to school Tuesday and the mister went back to work this past week too. I’ve gathered all my holiday stuff up and got most of it safely tucked away for next year. I’m still battling the sinus crud but at least the sun has finally come back out!! I was so over all the rain and mud!

This week we chose to do the majority of our grocery shopping for two weeks instead one as usual. We have some big bills coming out next week so this way we won’t have to work around a grocery budget, or at least a very minimal one in case I forgot something, which is likely! There were some awesome sales this week so we did really well and only spent about $140!

After all that shopping we wanted a fast dinner that would really satisfy us but not destroy the kitchen. I had Southwest Chicken Wraps on our list so we decided on those. At Kroger I found these freezer bags of Protein Blends in Southwest Style on the Buy 5 Save $5 sale for $1.29 each and grabbed two to try. They were so fast and delicious!! Always before when we had this dinner I had to use a can of corn, black beans, Rotel and seasonings to get the taste right for us, but these incredible bags were perfect! You just toss them in the microwave while the chicken is cooking in a skillet and voila! Add it to the skillet when the chicken is done and you have a fast simple meal!

We just diced the chicken and in the skillet dribbled a little olive oil. While it was cooking we seasoned it with a tablespoon or two of my homemade Southwest seasoning. Alternatively you can use a pack of McCormicks White Chicken Chili mix.

After the chicken is done, we added the Protein Blends to the skillet and tasted it. We did add a little bit more seasoning to the pan to tie everything together but that’s it! We popped some tortilla shells in the microwave, diced an avocado, shredded some lettuce and grabbed some shredded cheddar and some Ranch dressing to top it off. The whole shebang took maybe half an hour, with Jason cooking the chicken and me prepping the toppings.

We have also made this chicken and vegetable combo before and made salads out of it. We add tortilla strips from the salad fixings area at Kroger to give it a little more crunch. So delicious in the summer sitting outside in the evening!

For another quick easy meal to satisfy your crew check out my Easy Chicken Tortilla Soup in the Instant Pot. It’s sure to become a family favorite!

What’s one of your favorite fast meals? Have you tried these Birds Eye Protein Blends yet? If you do, drop me a comment below, I’d love to hear your thoughts, or suggestions on what else you would like to see from me. Also I’d really love it if you gave me a follow as well! Have a great week everybody!!

2 thoughts on “Fast Easy Southwest Chicken Wraps

  1. I love those protein blends. I get those and a bag of fully cooked fajita seasoned beef strips from the meat cooler at Wal-Mart and mix them together. They make a fast cheap lunch.

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