$5 Meal Challenge- Spaghetti with Sausage

Hi friends! I have been trying to think of some new ideas for you guys. A wonderful friend of mine inadvertently gave me this idea when she suggested something else and I had to give it a shot! I am going to see how many meals I can make for $10 or less to feed our family of 6! I think it will be challenging for me and helpful for some of y’all too.

For my first meal in this challenge I made one of our favorite old standbys, with a new twist. I am working on a recipe for homemade Italian sausage. I’m not sharing the one I used tonight, (it was the first try), but I will as soon as I can get it nailed down.

This is a great dish to have in your wheel house for several reasons. The first of those is that it is almost completely shelf stable. The meat is the only thing that came out of the freezer. Everything else was waiting in the pantry! Another reason to keep it on hand is speed! From freezer to table took only half an hour! And – of course – the last reason is it’s just so darn affordable!


So here is my breakdown:

  • 1 pound ground pork (Kroger regular price)    $1.43
  • 2 jars of Classico pasta sauce (Kroger Buy 5 Save $5, only used half of one jar)   $1.49
  • 1 small can mushroom pieces (Aldi regular price)    $.57
  • 1 pound box spaghetti noodles (Kroger Woohoo)    $.29
  • Herbs, salt, pepper, olive oil, and Parmesan I had already    $0

Total for the whole meal: $3.78 

I think I did pretty well for my first challenge! It was extra easy because most of the work was already done. When we buy our meat for the week ahead, we almost always separate it by meals and get it in the freezer within the next two days. I absolutely HATE to forget and have my meat go bad. Yuck, stinks in more ways than one! This week while Jason was taking care of my big roasts, I used the ground pork to try to make Italian sausage. I added the herbs, salt and pepper in the skillet with it and fried it as usual. It was alright, needs some more work though. I felt like it was getting lost in the sauce. It’ll get there in time. After it was cooled, I put it in a zipper bag and tossed it in the freezer.


Tonight all I had to do was thaw the sausage in the microwave while I got my water boiling and pasta cooking. By the time that was done, I drained the spaghetti in a colander and added the sausage, mushrooms and sauce to the pot. When I had brought that up to a good simmer and seasoned it, the noodles went back in the pot too. So fast!




I wanted to make sure I got all of our bellies full on this one meal and I did! Everyone liked it (they think the sausage needs work too though) and we even had a bowl left over for Jason’s lunch tomorrow!


What was left after dishing up all 6 plates!


I’m feeling pretty darn proud of myself! If you wanted, you could also grab a loaf of Italian bread and pop it in the oven with some butter, or drizzle of olive oil. You could even make a pretty good green salad for only a couple more dollars, or add some other veggies to the sauce to bump it up a little more.

Ok, what do you guys think? Do you like this type of post and would you like to see more, maybe on a monthly basis? I’d love to hear your feedback! Please follow me so you will be sure to see my blog as soon as I post and drop me a like on the ones you enjoy so I know to do more like them. I hope y’all have a wonderful week!!


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