Doritos Beefy Taco Casserole

Hi friends! It’s been another busy week here at the Grimes’ house, with the girls getting back to the swing of school and I have been working hard at trying to get over this upper respiratory mess. I actually had to go and get a CAT scan this week but thankfully, everything is just fine.

However, it’s been pretty hard to have the gumption to put together big elaborate recipes so I’ve mostly been doing easy dump and go meals. This is one of those kind lol. Hopefully I’ll be doing some more extensive ones for you guys soon.

Last week, instead of grocery shopping for one week, we went ahead and bought for two weeks. There were lots of great deals on meats and I wanted to take advantage of all those savings! When we got home with the groceries we put all of it away and over the weekend we put all the meat in the freezer so none of it went bad before I could use it. During that, I seasoned and cooked two pounds of ground beef for taco meat. I love having taco meat ready to go in the freezer! It’s so versatile you can usually bring together a quick meal in no time with just a few more things from the fridge or pantry.

On the day I had to be at the hospital I wanted to do just that. I was tired and partially stressed from being at the hospital and wanted dinner to get together quickly. It was a delicious breeze!


I thawed the taco meat in the microwave while I was chopping an onion in small cubes. Then I layered a can of Ranch Style pinto beans (drained) in the bottom of my oval casserole dish. I sprinkled half of the meat over it with half a can of drained corn. A sprinkle of shredded cheese and onion and I was ready to tear a couple of corn tortillas and use them to separate my layers. I repeated with the rest of the beans, meat, onion, and corn. Next I added just a little of the cheese I had left, I wanted to save plenty for the top at the end.


Then I let it bake at 375* for about 15 minutes to get all nice and hot. When I took it out, I crushed an entire bag of Doritos and mashed them onto the top. Finally time to get melty!! The rest of the cheese went on and it went back into the oven until the edges of the chips were browning and the cheese was all melted.



This is the first time I’ve used the Ranch Style pinto beans and they were good! They were thick and seasoned well. When I served plates, I also set out the salsa and we had an extra bag of Doritos to scoop up bits. We cleaned the dish! I didn’t think the husband was going to have anything for lunch because it went over so well!


I know you can make this casserole and make someone happy! Who doesn’t like Doritos once in a while? I think next time I’d like to make it with the Spicy Nacho flavor because it’s my favorite.

My next post is going to be something I haven’t ever done before. I have a skincare routine planned out to show y’all. Leave me a comment and a like if you want to try this casserole and if you’d like to see my next posts, please think about following me!

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