Do You Ibotta? Why I Think You Should!

This past week I didn’t really need much by way of groceries because as you know, I planned my meals the week before. This week I did need a few things for lunches and snacks though and I noticed there were a lot of rebates available on Ibotta on things I actually use! Yay!

Ok do you use Ibotta? If you don’t, you totally should. I don’t always use the app but when I do I make money! I used to cash out in Wal-Mart gift cards but this last time I linked my PayPal to my Ibotta and my PayPal to my bank and this morning I have money in the bank!

Let me break down my rebates for you. I did most of my shopping at Kroger (as usual) and bought a few items at Wal-Mart.


Kroger had Scott Comfort Plus Tissue Buy One Get One Free at $6.99. Ibotta had a rebate for .50 on one. Ruffles were $4.29 buy one get one free with a rebate of .95. Lean Cuisines were $1.77 each and if you bought 7 you get a rebate of $7. Pizza Rolls (90 count) were $7.99 with a rebate of $1. Yuengling Lager was $12.49 and had a rebate of $2.00 (Jason’s favorite). Lastly, Carbona Stain Remover was on sale for $2.89 and had a rebate of $1.

At Wal-Mart I got a 16 count Pop-Tarts with a $.40 rebate, a lunchable for $1.36 and $.25 rebate, and a package of Kleenex wet wipes with a $.50 rebate. I don’t remember the exact prices on the pop tarts and wipes. I know the pop tarts were under $4 and the wipes were about $2.50. Sorry I dropped the ball there and lost that receipt.

Now for the bonuses. Ibotta doesn’t only give rebates. You also earn bonuses for different things. You can earn bonuses for different types of products as well as different retailers or for shopping during specific times. This month I was able to earn $10.50 JUST IN BONUSES! That’s awesome!


I refuse to shop solely to earn rebates. I feel like it dulls the whole point of saving money if I’m spending money to save it? So to earn money for buying things I was going to buy anyway, and earn bonus money too, is awesome in my book. I may go a couple of weeks in between transactions with Ibotta but I always keep an eye on the app. They constantly pop up new rebates and some of them are even “any” rebates, which you can use on any brand, such as any one bag of potato chips or any one box of cereal. Also I usually find a rebate for $.20-.25 for any one item in a single grocery trip. So basically a free quarter back!


This week I earned $12.65 at Kroger, $1.15 at Wal-Mart, and $10.50 in bonuses from Ibotta. That is a total of $24.30 that I was able to transfer to my PayPal account and then right into my bank account. I transferred it Sunday night and Monday morning it was available in my bank account. To me that’s amazing. No waiting days and days for a check to come in or needing the money and having it stuck on a gift card you can’t use.


I’m going to share my Ibotta link. You can use it to sign up with Ibotta and snag yourself a $10 bonus for signing up!You can cash out to PayPal, Venmo, or a multitude of gift cards. If you are going to be buying these items anyway, shouldn’t you get paid for them?img_2208

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