Shredded Beef Enchiladas

Hi friends! Tonight I conquered a recipe that has been bothering me for years! I hate canned enchilada sauce! I seriously don’t like the red sauce when we go to Mi Toro either. But tonight, I made enchilada sauce that I LIKE!! I am so proud! I loosely used the Pioneer Woman’s recipe on Food Network to make the sauce. It was so easy and I know exactly what I am going to do next time to make it even better for us.


These shredded beef enchiladas were so easy to make and Jason and the kids almost fought over the left overs, until they realized they had plenty! I got an even dozen out of the beef and made two extra that were only bean and cheese for the pickiest eater in the house, who is a sometimes vegetarian. I also picked up some Knorr Rice Sides White Cheddar Queso for a side dish. Jason made that for me while I was rolling rolling rolling on the enchiladas.


I let the Instant Pot do most of the heavy lifting on this job for me. I had a roast I’d bought that needed some pressure or time to be tender enough to be yummy, and as luck would have it, I had no time to wait. So into the Instant Pot it went with some green chilies and some seasonings for 45 minutes, it was already cut in big cubes. Then when the time was up I checked it and it just wasn’t shredding as easily as I wanted so I turned it back on for 20 more minutes and that did the trick.


While the beef was working in the Instant Pot, I made the enchilada sauce according to what I’d found online. I just googled it with less oil. I think the greasiness is what turns me off other sauces so much. Then when the sauce was done, I got my assembly station ready and made a huge mess.


I dipped each flour tortilla in the sauce in the pan front and back and then scooped beef, beans and a sprinkle of cheese in each. Then I rolled them up and made sure the seam was on the bottom. After I got all of them rolled up, I topped them with the last of the cheese and popped them in the oven at 400*. I left them in the oven until I could fight Jason off no more (about 15 minutes) and then served them with the Rice Sides. It turned out delicious! I have a couple of tweaks I’d like to make to the sauce recipe, and I definitely need to double it next time.


I love trying out new recipes and new styles of cooking. Do you have anything you’d like to see me try out? Leave me a comment and a like below if so. Also think about following me so that you never miss a post. I post on Tuesdays, Thursdays and most Sundays. Have a great weekend!!

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