Quick Winter Daily Makeup

Hi friends!! I can’t believe I missed my Tuesday post! The whole family was home Monday for MLK and it completely threw me off for this whole week!! The crazy thing is I had a post ready and just didn’t even realize I needed to upload!

For this post I wanted to show how I do a quick makeup look in the winter. I do my makeup differently when the weather is cold because my skin gets oily fast in the heat. I also like to cut out a few steps in the winter to keep my skin from getting too dry. I use a much lighter hand when it comes to powders when it’s cold outside.

Before beginning, I like to use the Ponds Dark Spot Correcting Cream as a moisturizer on a clean dry face. I showed this in my Winter Skincare Routine/Try On post. I’m still loving it!


First I start with Elf Poreless Face Primer. I only use this in my T-zone to help hide my large pores and keep my makeup from wearing off there. I’m really enjoying the Rimmel Stay Matte Foundation right now. It is the lightest foundation I have at the moment and I like that it is lightweight. It almost feels like a powder as it dries down into the skin. For concealer, I love the Maybelline Age Rewind. It doesn’t crease at all on me.


My next step is blush, bronzer, highlight and powder. I use the Pro Contour palette from BH Cosmetics, as well as the Nude Blush palette from BH, (for swatches and prices check out my Beauty on a Budget? Bh Cosmetics Haul!). I got the little broken highlight in a kit from Physician’s Formula this summer. It was the Butter collection and this highlight is my favorite EVER! It just has the perfect amount of shimmer without being too artificial. It’s like your skin in the sunset on a beach type of glow. For powder I use a light hand with Coty Airspun in translucent.



My next step is my eyes. I like to go pretty simple most days and only need a couple colors and one or two brushes. On this day I used another BH Cosmetics product, the GLam Reflection Gilded palette. It has the easiest to use mattes and absolutely gorgeous shimmers that are great for day or night looks. It’s easily my favorite eyeshadow palette for daily wear.




For brows, lashes and liner I kept it pretty simple. I’m not a fan of Sharpie brows so I just fill them in fairly naturally with Anastasia Brow Wiz in medium brown. Then I tightline my upper eyelids with Loreal Infalliable black eyeliner and give my lashes a couple of coats of Loreal Lash Paradise in blackest black. I love this mascara the most!


Then all I need are lips and I’m out the door! I used Baby Lips to keep the Liquid Catsuit from drying my lips out too much and it did not work lol. It made the liquid lipstick gummy and I took it off pretty quickly. I love wearing it normally but lately my lips have been so dry that I just wore Baby Lips for the rest of the day.


That’s it! The whole routine takes 10-15 minutes and I’m good for the rest of the day! I don’t usually touch up unless we go out that evening, and then it’s only a little powder on my nose and chin.



I hope you enjoyed this post! If you did, please leave me a comment or a like and be sure to follow me so you don’t miss my next post. I’m planning some great things in the next week! Have a great week guys!!


One thought on “Quick Winter Daily Makeup

  1. What I find works best with liquid lipsticks, because I have the same drying issues, is to put a balm on just as you’re starting your makeup and when you finally get to lips to wipe the balm off with a tissue and then apply your liquid lipstick. When I do this, I’ve never had a problem with the lipstick gumming up and it stay comfortable longer. I hope that helps! Love, Emma from Canvas of a Face


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