My Favorite YouTube Channels

Hi friends! Today I thought I’d share my top ten favorite YouTube channels. I love to watch YouTube videos for a variety of different reasons. I watch for inspiration for dinners and meals, for motivation for cleaning and late at night, I even watch to calm down enough to fall asleep. Sometimes I just have so much running through my brain I can’t turn it off enough to sleep.

  1. She’s In Her Apron I absolutely live for Kimmy’s videos! She gives us a little of everything – dinner inspo, cleaning motivation, lots of great ideas, and she’s a real person! She and her family are the people you’d want for next door neighbors.
  2. Tati The Glam Life Guru is amazing for showing you exactly why or why not you should try a new makeup product. Most of the things I buy for my face I have seen on her channel, and usually if Tati likes it, I do too. Not because she did but because she just knows what’s good!
  3. Jordan Page  The FunCheapOrFree maven is wonderful!! This lady can seriously do it all! I love all the tips and tricks she and Bubba share in her videos.
  4. Dr. Sandra Lee  Dr. Pimple Popper herself! I love to watch her videos when I can’t sleep, especially the blackhead ones! There is something so satisfying about getting every last one!
  5. This Crazy Life  I really enjoy watching people clean their houses. Kinda weird, I know but my favorite of the mess-free mamas is this one! Amanda has the cutest little boys and a calm voice. Her videos seriously make me want to clean my own house.
  6. Jamerill Stewart This lady could feed an army for days on next to nothing! She does some marathon freezer meal sessions that make me want to stock my freezer yesterday!
  7. Tasty Tasty is like the potato chips of YouTube. I never seem to watch just one video, it has to be at least a handful. I have seen a lot that made me think, hmmm what if I do my own take on that?
  8. RawBeautyKristi I love Kristi. She has the best sense of humor and she kicks ass at makeup! Her videos have some curse words but I don’t mind that at all. She does product reviews as well as some absolutely beautiful makeup looks. If only I could recreate them!
  9. Baumgartner Restoration I had never heard of art restoration until I ran across one of these videos one night and now I’m obsessed! Julian has the calmest voice and steadiest hands ever. He takes the nastiest, most ruined art and brings it back to life. It’s truly amazing.
  10. Glam&Gore I found Mykie’s videos one year after Halloween and now I impatiently await each of her uploads. She does both beautiful and scary makeup and I love it. She’s also hilarious so that makes for even more fun watching.

Do you subscribe to any of these channels on YouTube? I hope you check them out. If you liked this post please leave me a comment and a like and I’d absolutely love it if you’d follow me here on WordPress. I post on Tuesdays, Thursdays and most Sundays. I hope y’all have an excellent week!!


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