What I’m Watching This Month

Hi friends!! Another week is nearly over and as usual we’ve been busy! Our oldest has been extra involved in Band this week and Monday was chosen for an honors band. We’re so proud of her!

I’ve been seeing the Netflix documentary about Ted Bundy all over Facebook and tonight the hubs and I finally sat down and watched the first two episodes. That man was really deranged. I have read books on Bundy before but this series is more creepy since you’re actually hearing him speak.

Aside from that, we have recently found on Hulu Fixer Upper with Chip and Joanna Gaines. I was sure I would not like that show for some reason so I’m late to the party, but I love it. Jason and I have always liked to watch remodel shows and the Gaines’ make it even more fun. It doesn’t hurt that they have the cutest kids ever and all those farm animals too!!!

Another show I’ve recently found again is Flea Market Flip on Hulu. I intended to just watch it in between cleaning and picking up kids or whatever but I showed Jason and he’s hooked BIGTIME. So much so that I have to tell him to hush so I can hear the show. He gets all excited about the pieces these people find and wants to tell me everything he’d do to it. It’s hilarious.

He commented tonight that I’m always researching ways to save us a little money and even the shows I watch reflect that, well not the serial killer one lol. I hadn’t thought about it in that aspect but I suppose he’s right. I like to learn and laugh when I’m watching tv. I really get into documentaries and some reality shows. I can’t stand the dating type shows or the Kardashian’s or the like though.

What kind of things do you guys like to watch? Do you have any recommendations for me on Netflix or Hulu? Also did you see My Favorite YouTube Channels? Please drop me a like and think about subscribing. I post on Tuesday, Thursday and most Sundays!! Have a great rest of the week!!

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