MakeUp Eraser Vs. Makeup Wipes

Hi friends! It’s another new week already and I have something kind of different on the agenda for today’s post. As you can tell from the title I wanted to see how the MakeUp Eraser performed against my regular makeup remover wipes. I found the MakeUp Eraser on Instagram. They were offering free samples and I just had to try one. It took several weeks to arrive, which they were very up front about. They made it clear that paid packages were obviously priority and samples were sent out as they could get to them.

Ok first a few points about MakeUp Eraser. The Original sells for $20 on their website and Amazon. The Original is 7.5″ by 15.5″ and can withstand around 1,000 washes, which they estimate to be between 3-5 years. They also carry a mini version as well as a glove.


The makeup remover wipes I have been using for the last several years are the Equate Beauty Original Clean Wet Cleansing Towelettes. They come 60 in a pack and I buy the twin pack every time, which is $11.94 at Wal-Mart. To use wipes equal to the MakeUp Eraser, I figured that I’d have to buy about 10 twin packs. That comes to 1,200 wipes but sometimes I have to use 2 on heavier makeup days. So, that comes to $119.40 for a comparable amount of wipes.

I wanted to give the MakeUp Eraser a try for several reasons. The first is I love a bargain and judging from my math above, this might qualify. Also, I don’t like the idea of myself and all three of my daughters throwing away at least four wipes per day. That comes to around 120 a month! That’s a lot of trash. I also like that the only thing on the Eraser is water. I have fairly sensitive skin and occasionally the wipes will irritate my skin with too much rubbing. Another thing I’ve disliked about using wipes is that every now and then, if I don’t use them fast enough they get dried out. Oh and getting the cleanser off of the wipe in my eyes is like pouring shampoo into my eyes. Ouch.


Now for the showdown! I applied my makeup as normal and wore it all day. When it was time to remove it, I wet the MakeUp Eraser and used it on my entire face. I was shocked!! It took everything off and is so soft!! I didn’t have to go over my face a million times either. I also noticed it didn’t leave glitter all over my face. Unlike the wipes, the MakeUp Eraser seems to pick my makeup up off of my face instead of moving it around.


To check if the MakeUp Eraser actually took everything off my face, I simply went over my face with a white makeup wipe. There was a tiny amount of foundation on it that I’m pretty sure I missed around my jaw line. Just to be sure I applied a liquid lip and liquid eyeliner and let them dry down. It only took a swipe and the MakeUp Eraser erased it all!


After I took off all my makeup, my oldest daughter washed the sample out in the sink and took her makeup off too. The sample is not hemmed at the edges and will  not last very long but she wanted to try it out too. Our consensus was that everyone that wears makeup needs a MakeUp Eraser! It is so soft and easy to use!

I really enjoyed making this post for you guys. I was definitely surprised by how well this product performed and I am definitely watching for a sale so I can buy one for myself and all my girls. If you enjoyed this post please like it and let me know if there is anything else you’d like to see me try! Thanks guys, have a great weekend!!

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