To Clicklist or Not?

Hi guys! I hope February is being good to you all! I have been so excited about our local Kroger getting Clicklist! Have you heard of it and have you tried it yet? I finally did the weekend before Valentine’s Day. Our oldest was out-of-town for an honor band trip and we were going to have to get ready to go pick her up, I felt cruddy, and the house was a mess. It was a great time to save some time!

Also, I wanted to make sure I got my Friday/Saturday sale items. If I had put that little bit of shopping off, I would have likely missed out on some things. The first 3 times you use Clicklist, the $4.95 fee is waived. I also had several digital coupons I was planning to use because they were only for pickup orders.

My main concern was the sale items for the weekend sale though. The Kroger brand butter was $1.99 each (up to 5) and one of our favorite brands of smoked sausage, Eckrich was also $1.99 each up to 5. I was planning on getting 5 of each. I have never used the Eckrich regular sausage, we always get turkey, so I decided to get 2 regular and 3 turkey. They called me Saturday morning to let me know the warehouse was completely out of regular and offered to give me Eckrich turkey sausage or even Hillshire Farms at the same price. I chose to just get all 5 Eckrich turkey sausage.


I had a digital for a free High Brew Coffee from a past Free Friday. I also had the current Friday Freebie, which was some Wonka candy. The Clicklist freebie I found was a box of Godiva pudding valued at $3.49. I placed my order through the app Friday night and chose to pickup between 10-12 Saturday morning. I got an email and a call before my pickup time as a reminder.


When I got to the store and parked there are signs with the phone number and your parking spot number. I called and the girl said she’d be right out and also asked if I had any paper coupons, which I didn’t. Within just a few minutes, she was out with our order. She loaded it into the truck for us and gave me a reusable shopping bag with some goodies for us! It had a bottle of water, a drink mix for water, some candy, a pack of oatmeal and a hot chocolate pack too. So sweet! The girls took care of that quickly when I got home and I didn’t even get a picture for y’all!


Also on the back of the card attached to my receipt was a note that I might get a survey in my email, which I did and quickly filled out. You know I have to have those fuel points!!

Overall I liked using this new service from Kroger. It really came in handy when we needed it. I don’t think I’ll be using it for the majority of my shooing though. Man, where was that when I had three kids under the age of 5??

What do you think of the new pickup services at local grocery stores? Is it something you use or might use?

2 thoughts on “To Clicklist or Not?

  1. I use ClickList almost every week. I got in on the smoked sausage and butter deals, too. My store was out of the Godiva Pudding though. I do like getting in on the coupon that waives the fee with corresponding purchases, but if that includes expensive items or things we don’t usually by, that doesn’t work out.


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