Cheap Trippin’ in St. Louis Part 1

Hi guys! We just got home from a nice little getaway in St. Louis. We decided a break was well and truly needed and chose St. Louis because we had never been. After a bit of research I realized there is so much to do and see there! I thought it would be a great idea to share my thought process through the planning and budgeting parts of the trip.


For our gas money, we saved our fuel points from Kroger so that when we filled up we had $1 off each gallon. That made our fillup very affordable. I also checked Google to see what kind of things we could do in the area we were going to be in with the weather as chilly as it has been. I knew we would need quite a bit of indoor activities.

I always check They always have the best deals on hotel stays and I can filter exactly what I need. For example, I wanted to make sure breakfast was included and that the hotel had an indoor pool and hot tub. I also wanted a higher rated hotel so that I knew it would be clean and we would enjoy the stay there. I found two king rooms for just over $400 for two nights. That was perfect for us. The hot breakfast is super helpful. We go downstairs and eat a good breakfast before we get ready and head out for the day. It gives us time to get woke up and see how everyone is feeling so we can decide what to do for that day.

We stayed at the Hilltop Hotel and it was great! Everyone was very courteous and, most importantly, everything was clean! It is a nonsmoking hotel, which I love. The room smelled good as soon as we walked in.  In fact, the entire hotel smelled great. I can’t stand a musty smelling hotel room. The pool and hot tub were so relaxing. I loved that the pool was heated and actually very comfortable. The hot tub was the perfect temperature. I have stayed in places that the spa was so hot I felt nauseous after a few minutes. Also this hot tub wasn’t on a timer that you had to get out and turn back on.


When we arrived in St. Louis we ate at Jack In the Box for dinner after we checked into the hotel. Then we rode over to the Arch to check it out. It was covered with people but so amazing. I did not want to try to go up it that evening with all the people everywhere and it was so windy I just knew it would be swaying! We went back to our rooms and watched tv until bedtime. It was a very relaxing night after being on the road for five or six hours. The girls got in the pool and hot tub for a while but Jason and I just watched.

I hope you liked this first part of Cheap Trippin’. I thought I’d make this a more or less regular series because as a family we love to explore! Follow me here on WordPress so you don’t miss the other parts of our St. Louis trip!


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