Cheap Trippin’ in St. Louis Part 2

Our first full day in St. Louis was so much fun! I had Googled a list of fun things to do and we let the girls choose what was most important to them. After we fueled up with a hot breakfast of eggs, bacon and waffles, we headed out to the Laumeier Sculpture Park and Museum. Admission is free and open daily from 8 am to sunset. Let me warn you, this place is magical and HUGE! It is 105 acres and there are sculptures everywhere. The giant eyeball was one of my favorites and the girls loved the mosaic cat out by the parking lot. I want to return when the weather is warmer because it was just too cold to do much exploring. Within minutes we were shivering and running to the museum. The museum had some cool pieces as well. I’ll share some pictures we took below.

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Next up was the Holocaust Museum and Learning Center. This was actually in the girls top three list of things they wanted to make sure they saw while we were in St. Louis. I’m really proud of how much attention they paid to all the exhibits and how interested they were in learning as much as possible. We got one of the audio tour handhelds and Dakota listened to it while she walked around while the rest of us chose to just read everything on our own. The Museum does a good job of being informative while still expressing the heartbreak and horror of the Holocaust. There were very helpful custodians around and the entire place was clean and mostly quiet. Admission is free although they do accept donations, which we were happy to give. I didn’t take very many pictures here, it just seemed rude.

The last place we went for the day was the Saint Louis Science Center. This by far was our biggest shock. This museum was amazing!! It also is where we spent the most money. Admission is free, however the Omnimax Theater, the Planetarium and the Discovery Room all cost extra. We only had time for the Omnimax, which for us cost $10 per person. We watched a 45 minute movie about Australia and had concessions that were typical of a movie theater at about $20 for 2 drinks and a bag of popcorn. It was amazing to see though! We easily could have spent all day there but we only had about two and a half hours before they closed so we checked out the dinosaurs, the tornado, the earthquake simulator and the gift shop. We got to do the crank and smash our collectible pennies too. The girls also ran on a giant hamster wheel type thing that made balls travel along a track high up over our heads. It was a lot of fun and if you’re planning a trip to the area with kids, it’s a must see.

I hope you’re enjoying hearing about our little trip to Saint Louis. I’ll finish up this installment Sunday. Follow me here on WordPress to be the first to read the next post!

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