Kroger Cheese Sale 4-3-19

Hi friends! I’m sorry I’ve been absent for the last couple of weeks. I took an extra long Spring Break! I’m ready to get back into the swing of things now though!

Yesterday was Jason’s birthday! I went to Kroger to buy him a cake and some steaks (his favorite meal lol) and found a wonderful sale on Kroger brand shredded cheese in the 32 ounce bags! Normally for our store the price is $6.79 but when I picked them up the shelf had a tag that shows they are $2.99!!! I bought a lot because I got a new vacuum sealer and I planned on freezing it all. I froze it in 4 cup bags because that seems to be about what I use at a time. If I happen to need less, I can simply use what I need and toss the rest of the bag in the fridge for whatever later on, eggs, salads, what have you.

I have frozen shredded cheese many times before and I never have any issue with it. I just throw it in the refrigerator when I’m planning meals and know I’m going to need it and use like usual when it’s thawed. I have used it frozen as well to top casseroles but I don’t like to do that because it is really cold and sticks to my hand while I’m trying to break it up.

Now these are the Big Deal 32 ounce, 8 cup bags of shredded cheese. They had mozzarella,Mexican Blend, Mild Cheddar, Sharp Cheddar and Cheddar Jack. For comparison I looked at the other sizes and the 16 ounce bags are on sale for the same price in the app. However this sale on the big bags is not showing in the app. I don’t know why it doesn’t show up. It’s odd. I’ll insert my pictures below.


Okay guys. That’s it for today. I have a huge list of posts I’m working on though! Everything from a cheap family tradition we started last year to new recipes to a great date spot we found! Now that the girls are back in school and my migraines are subsiding a bit I can get back to sharing. Thank you for hanging with me and I’ll talk to you soon!

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