Riabhan’s Favorite Toys

Hi friends!! Today I thought I would finally share some things about our dog, Riabhan, Ria for short. We got her five years ago for Mother’s Day. She was only about 6-8 weeks old when we got her and I fell in love with her brindle stripes. I wanted her name to reflect her beautiful coloring so I googled “striped” in Celtic. “Riabhan” is what it said and we just adored it as a name for a female dog. Later I checked again and it apparently means “handsome”. That’s alright too though lol.

As an itty bitty puppy we realized pretty quickly that Ria makes a mission of tearing up every toy we buy her as fast as possible. We were told when we got her that her mother was half Lab and half bulldog, so maybe her destructive chewing comes from that. I just know we struggled to keep her in toys until we stumbled on JW Brand at Pet Sense. She has had several of these toys and they really last. She can chew them pretty intensely and they actually hold up. As far as price, they are about $7-12, depending on the style you choose. The brand is also available online, such as at Chewy.com.


I actually found the blue and yellow ball at Ollie’s recently for about $2 and she loves it. The pink ball and gummy bear both came from Pet Sense and were about $10 each, and you can tell they have been chewed vigorously. The pink ball with feet is actually a replacement for another footed ball she had. This one has lasted well over a year at this point and she still grabs it and tosses it at us to play.

Ria is awesome about only chewing her toys. My niece can leave toys all over the house and Riabhan doesn’t try to run off with them, except a plastic apple that she was positive was a ball! In return, we try to keep her pretty stocked with chew toys. She has a little toy box in the living room that holds all her various toys, including tennis balls. She is a champ at catching tennis balls. She doesn’t like the dog ones though, they have to be actual tennis balls, like Wilson brand.

We tried her on rawhide sticks when she was smaller and she would worry at them until she’d eaten the whole thing and without fail, get sick. So we tried the Nylabone bones and that seems to get her by. Sometimes when she has a brand new bone, we have to take it away for a while because she will chew it until her gums are bleeding. After she has roughed them up for a while, we throw them away and get her another. I think it helps get her anxiety out. Also the Nylabone brand has toys called Nylaflex. One of them is this rubbery pull toy we bought Ria to replace her gross old rope. We haven’t bought a rope since! This toy is awesome because it allows us to play with her and exercise her but it doesn’t get all stinky like ropes do.

I hope you’ve enjoyed seeing some of my dog’s favorite toys!! I’ll talk to you guys soon!

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