Date Night in Memphis

Hi friends! Tomorrow is Kaylee’s big Memphis appointment and since Memphis was on my mind I thought I’d share a new favorite place for the hubs and I to go on dates!

We found it a couple of weeks ago while we were taking a break from a big Ikea shopping trip. We love Ikea! This cozy little restaurant is right down the road and so wonderful! It’s called Casbah and it is at 1890 North Germantown Parkway in Cordova, Tennessee. You can find them at as well as on Facebook. They serve Mediterranean food with a Morrocan inspiration.

I absolutely loved the entire atmosphere of the restaurant. It was inviting and warm, with dim lighting and so many beautiful things to look at. I adore the light fixtures, they cast a gorgeous pattern on the ceiling above them!

The food was delicious as well and very well priced. Jason ordered the beef sharwarma with fries and I ordered the chicken sharwarma with fries and hummus. It was so good and the portions were so big! I hurt from eating so much by the time we left! The sharwarma was served in pitas and the waitress brought 3 bottles to our table. One was ketchup but the other two were things we’d never tried. The green one is hot as all hell! I think it was just pureed peppers and even Jason, who loves all things spicy, wouldn’t eat it. The other sauce was delicious though and I added it to my hummus and dipped my fries in it. SO yummy and affordable. I believe our total for the two of us was $25-30 after a tip.

I can’t wait to go back and have another little date with Jason there! I think next time I’ll try something new, without the green sauce though! I hope y’all are having a great week and enjoyed this little review! Please drop me suggestions in the comments if you know of another place we should try!

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